Tips to Consider When Choosing Between Electronic Security and Keyed Locks

Tips to Consider When Choosing Between Electronic Security and Keyed Locks

Curious if conventional keyed locks can be at par with advance security systems? Here are comparisons between the two. Find out which works best for you and your home.

What does electronic security offer? What are the downsides?

Second generation locks come with unmatched convenience and style over the old bolt door locks. They come with 128-bit AES encryption – a security protocol used by the US government. With security features like this, no burglar will waste time and effort trying to crack the code.

Electronic security systems aren’t foolproof, however. You have to take into consideration what may happen when the battery becomes depleted, or a sudden power outage occurs, or internet connection fails.

During power outages, some electronic locks may fail to disengage, forcing you to use a backup key. A simple failure to sync with the latest blacklisted keys due to internet connection problems also pose some risks. In rare cases, circuit boards that control electronic locks can also fail.

Can conventional keyed locks guarantee maximum security as with electronic locks?

Traditional home security locks provided by your local locksmith can be just as safe and secure as modern security home locks, provided you have installed genuine quality deadbolt locks and secured other possible accesses to your home.

Some deadbolts can be a little pricey, but deadbolts that are made of quality material, strength and design are worth the safety of your home and family.

The majority of people still use conventional keyed locks and they continue to enjoy the same safety that electronic power locks provide.

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