What Advanced Features do Medeco High Security Locks Have?

What Advanced Features do Medeco High Security Locks Have?

High security locks offer the best protection for homes and family. When the Medico high security cylinder came out in 1967, it transformed the concept of high security mechanical locks. The advanced features of Medeco locks make them more secure and tamper resistant. These features are:

  1. Superior Construction.Long-lasting, high quality machined brass components are used in the construction of Medeco cylinders.
  2. Innovative Design.Medeco high security locks have pin tumblers and a sidebar. It makes them resistant to manipulation.
  3. Pick-Resistant. Medeco locks stand against physical assault and picking. The tumblers in Medeco locks are tricky to place correctly without a key. Until a key raises each pin to the proper height, the plug is unable to rotate within the cylinder. In the same way, until the pins rotate to where they allow proper positioning of the sidebar system, the plug cannot rotate.
  4. Seasoned Steel Inserts.Hardened steel inserts inside the cylinder discourage drilling efforts. A revolving collar prevents removal of the cylinder with a pipe-wrench and the one inch steel bolt doesn’t allow cutting.
  5. Added Security Against Key-Duplication.It is sad to know that lock picking and bumping tools are easily available to burglars nowadays. Not only that, but it is easy for someone to buy a duplicate key with average locks. Often, for cost reasons, lock companies have a limited number of keys and just rotate through them. And, many keys can be taken to a store where a blank is quickly machined to match. Medeco high security locks require special key duplication equipment and the formula is registered with the factory. The factory exercises control over the distribution of the registered key blanks.
  6. Won’t Open to Illegitimate Keys.Medeco locks don’t give in to standard keys, skeleton keys and other kinds of refined keys burglars use these days.
  7. Customizable.Medeco locks can be keyed alike, keyed different, or master keyed depending upon your particular requirements.
  8. Convenient to Install.Medeco fits any standard lock and can be installed in a short time.

Some recent events have brought more laurels to the enviable reputation of Medeco locks:

  • 10 Medeco products earned the Certified Environmental Facts (CEF) multi-attribute certification.
  • The Medeco T21 key management system won 2015 Good Design Award. T21 key management system is a standalone way to manage multiple keys within a location.

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