How Does a Low Voltage Security System Work?

A low voltage system consists of electrical equipment that uses 50 volts of electricity or less. Some of the most common low voltage security systems that we work with are 12 V, 24 V, and 48 V. A few examples of low voltage systems in residential properties are home security sensors, garage door openers, doorbells, landscape lighting, and thermostats. On the other hand, commercial low voltage systems have various applications, such as sound and communication, security systems, and fire protection.

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Low voltage security systems

Every house and office should have a top-notch security system to keep intruders out. We can install a high-quality, low voltage security system according to your requirement. Here are some of the security systems that work flawlessly on low voltage:

1. Intrusion detection system

An intrusion detection system consists of a network of motion sensors, panic switches, and door and window contacts. They keep your property safe from intruders. Installing other monitoring appliances, along with an intrusion detection system, can help to notify the police automatically, thanks to the motion sensors that activate as soon as they detect unusual activities.

2. CCTV surveillance system

A closed-circuit television consists of monitors, digital recorders, and surveillance cameras. The entire combination has one aim: to keep you informed about what’s going on in and around your property. We can install the right setup in your property and connect the appliances wirelessly to your phone or tablet so that you can see live footage for maximum security. You can even record footage remotely to let the police identify the criminals if any unforeseen event takes place in your absence.

3. Access control system

A low voltage access control system allows specific personnel to enter your property. You can pre-decide who can go in and who needs permission. Our access control systems use biometric scans and card readers to restrict access to unwanted people to enter your premises. This type of system is popular in office spaces, apartment buildings, hospitals, and hotels.

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