Why You Should Install Cameras and Buzzers At Home?

A buzzer system is common in apartment buildings. You buzz into the gate, and the person in the apartment hears a buzz on his alarm. He may buzz you in or keep you outside if he doesn’t know you. Add a camera to this setup, and it allows you to see the person buzzing at the gate. It is a more convenient setup that increases your security and helps you see who wants to come in. Sometimes it’s hard to judge a person by his voice.

For example, if a kid wants to sell candies to people in the apartment, but you can’t see him because you use a regular buzzer. You tell him to go away without paying attention to his needs. This may not happen if you use a camera and buzzer setup. And we can install this setup in your house. You can combine not only your CCTV camera but also your intercom.

Benefits of camera and buzzer system

1. Convenience

You will mostly see a camera and buzzer system in hospitals and clinics. However, they are now a practical security system for residential apartments also. The reason for their sudden popularity is convenience. First of all, you don’t need to go to the main gate to open the door every time someone wants to come in. You just need to buzz him in using the buzzer in your home. Secondly, you may or may not choose to let someone in by looking at the camera. Like the buzzer, there’s one camera at the main gate and one in your home. You can buzz the person in if you know him.

2. Safe

Sometimes burglars may seem friendly on the buzzer. They may act as if they need urgent help. But once you buzz them in, you know what happens next. You can very well prevent this type of catastrophe if you let us install a camera and buzzer system in your house. If you see someone suspicious at the door you don’t know, you shouldn’t buzz him in. Additionally, you can call 911 to get immediate help.

Buzzer systems come with electric strikes. Once you buzz someone in, the electric strike allows the bolt or latch to open and unlock the door. The latch comes down once you enter the house and close the gate.

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