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There are plenty of reasons for anyone to own safes. Protection from natural disasters, burglary and fires are the three major ones for most people.

It doesn’t matter what your specific reason is.  We here at A-1 Locksmith of the Palm Beaches, Inc are experts in the sales, services, and installations of safes for your home or business.

Our selection includes a range of burglary- and fire-proof safes.

No matter your needs, our team of skilled professionals are dedicated to bringing you quick and competent service to your doorstep. We both deliver the safe and install it on the spot.Safes Experts in West Palm Beach, safes

Take a look at the options we have available:


If you are on a budget, ask us for a pre-owned safe.

Every safe goes through extensive testing of security and protection before we sell it. This is to make sure that no matter the previous owner, the safe we sell you will hold and protect your valuables.

The safes we sell come from these respectable companies:


Do You Already Own a Safe?

If you already own a safe, we can help you as well. Whether it’s changing the combination, transporting the safe to a new place or even in the case of forgetting your code, we’ve got you covered.

Services include:

  • Safe Openings
    In case you forgot your combination. The opening will be done with utmost care to the valuables stored inside and using state-of-the-art tools.
  • Moving Safes
    Safe and fast transportation.
  • Combination Changes
    Changing combinations can be tricky. We will do it fast and hassle-free.
  • Convert to Electronic Key Pad
    Modernize your old safe with an Electronic Key Pad. Typing in the combination will become so much easier and faster.
  • Repair
    Is there perhaps a button on the keypad that’s not working? We’ll fix that.

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