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2018’s Top 5 Trends in Door Locks

There are some interesting things trending this year. Here are the top five.

Curb appeal

Home owners are paying more attention to how their door lock hardware can improve the curb appeal of their home.

1. Locks to match architectural style

Architects, and home décor designers are now matching door lock hardware with the architectural style of the house. This is a very effective and affordable makeover.

2. New finishes

Black is back.

This color finish started trending in Europe a couple of years ago and came to the U.S. in 2017. It is still very popular in 2018.

Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish

This is a newer trend. Oil rubbed bronze is a ‘warm dark finish’. It is a ‘living’ finish because it slowly changes over time. It gradually develops a two tone appearance in a unique way so that no two units are exactly the same.

3. Doors – cookie cutter doors are out, customized entry doors are in

Over size doors, vibrant colors, generous use of glass in doors are used to make the entrance unique in the neighborhood. This approach requires a visual upgrade of door lock hardware to complete the look. Not to mention specialty hardware in cases where the glass might be a security risk.


4. Side-locking bar locks

Advancements have been made to address two common threats to entry door locks. The first is lock bumping. Pin and tumbler locks can be defeated by a burglar using a specially cut key and “bumping” the lock. Side-locking bar locks replace the pin and tumblers and cannot be bumped. These locks are trending now.

5. Drill resistant locks

The second threat is lock drilling. Almost any lock can be drilled out. With a $30 cordless drill, a burglar can drill through the key hole and through the cylinder. This defeats the hardened deadbolt, the strike plate, the hinges, and the solid core door. To counter this threat, lock manufacturers offer drill resistant locks. These locks have two stainless steel balls set between the keyhole and the lock cylinder. When a drill bit is inserted in the keyhole, these steel balls rotate with the bit preventing it from cutting. These are also trending now.

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