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When You Need Trusted Security for Your Home Fast

When You Need Trusted Security for Your Home Fast In one year in the US, there occurs 1.9 million burglaries. That is a staggering number, even considering the number of homes and families in the country. Having that many burglaries means that there is a burglary happening every sixteen seconds, and, by the time you finish reading this article, dozens of homes will have been broken into. If you don’t want this fate to befall you and your home, and your family, you need a secure lock on all your doors, to start. But, where do you find a...

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Are Sliding Door Locks for Homes Effective?

Are Sliding Door Locks for Homes Effective? Why are sliding glass doors so popular? They are a cost efficient way to provide a large window and door in one go. They can add beauty and style to a home. They also let in abundant natural light. This makes them ideal back doors. That secluded location and their simplistic design make them vulnerable. Sliding glass doors are popular with burglars, too. Twenty-two percent of break-ins take place via back doors. Why Sliding Doors are Easy Targets for Break-ins? Homeowners often forget to...

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What Advanced Features do Medeco High Security Locks Have?

High security locks offer the best protection for homes and family. When the Medico high security cylinder came out in 1967, it transformed the concept of high security mechanical locks. The advanced features of Medeco locks make them more secure and tamper resistant. These features are: Superior Construction. Long-lasting, high quality machined brass components are used in the construction of Medeco cylinders. Innovative Design. Medeco high security locks have pin tumblers and a sidebar....

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