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Maintain Your Locks and Bolts to Ensure Security

A-1 Locksmith of West Palm Beaches, Florida provides highly secure Locksets and Bolts to ensure the safety of your door hardware.

Regular use of door hardware takes a toll on its functioning, appearance, and shine and malfunctioning door hardware can endanger your security. To ensure your door hardware works correctly, you should follow this door hardware checklist –

Locksets – Check the locksets for loose attaching screws, latch wear, or other defects. You can either service the locksets or remove any defective parts and replace as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. The door should always latch freely and easily. Self-latching devices need to work freely and smoothly as the door swings into the closed position.

Doorknobs – If a doorknob begins to stick intermittently; it might have collected dirt. Spray some cutting oil into the works, it cleans and lubricates the doorknobs and restores their smooth functioning. Another problem might be loose screws that hold the knob in place, simply tighten them and all will be well.

Hinges – Inspect, the hinges for loose attaching screws, hinge pin wear, or other defects. Repair the hinges or replace the defective parts as recommended. The door should always swing freely and smoothly without hindrance from the open to the latched position.

Strike Plate – The strike plate should firmly attach to the frame or inactive leaf of a pair of doors. Look for loose screws and other noticeable defects. Repair or replace the defective parts as per manufacturer’s instructions.

Closing Devices – Over the time, closing devices might give way to lose attaching screws, linkage arm and pin wear, fluid leakage, or other significant defects. Service the device or remove defective parts and replace following the manufacturer’s recommendations. Set and maintain the primary and secondary closing speed adjustments. The device should allow the door to operate freely and smoothly throughout its entire swing range and properly latch or remain in the closed position.

Flush Bolts – Examine all of the flush bolts for loose attaching screws, rod bolt adjustments, and strike plate attachment. Repair the devices or remove defective parts and replace as recommended. The rod bolts should retract, extend and engage the strike or keeper hole freely and smoothly for both manual and automatic flush bolts.

How to Restore the Beauty and Shine of Your Door Hardware?

Do you crave for the beauty and shine your hardware once had? You can bring it back by periodically cleaning  as recommended. You can clean locksets and all kinds of finishes with a soft damp cloth or with the application of mild soap.

A1 Locksmith of the Palm Beaches Inc. has been providing locksmith services and products to West Palm Beach and surrounding areas for over 25 years. If you are interested in updating your locks, contact us.


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