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Should I Re-key Or Replace the Locks?

Locks are meant to provide security to your home, so they should always be in a proper working condition to serve their purpose. Sometimes there are situations when you feel your locks need to be rekeyed or replace locks. But how do you know what is the best option? A locksmith can give you genuine advice on which option is best for you in a given situation. He will take care to ensure your security as well as save you from incurring any unwanted expenditures.


Re-keying a lock involves removing the pins and springs in the lock cylinder and replacing them with new pins and springs that work with a new and different key. A locksmith can
re-key most modern locks, except some high-security ones.

You need to rekey your locks when:

  • Moving into a previously owned home as others might have access to keys
  • Moving into a new home, as contractors might have access to keys
  • Having trouble operating the locks

Pros and Cons of Rekeying the Locks

  • Pros
    • Cheaper and less time consuming than replacing locks
  • Cons
    • Requires a locksmith
    • Doesn’t correct a worn out/damaged lock which might trouble you later

Replacing a Lock

Replace locks means to put new locks in place of existing ones. Your locksmith can provide you with high-quality locks which you can’t get at normal hardware stores.

You need to replace your locks when:

  • Locks are badly damaged
  • You want to upgrade your security by installing high security locks
  • You feel it is aesthetic necessary

Pros and Cons of Replace Locks

  • Pros
    • Cheaper locks need to be replaced rather than rekeying given their low quality
    • Replacing your locks with high-security locks will improve your home security
  • Cons
    • When installing new locks you might also need to fix plates on the door jam or other components

Types of Locks and Response to Lock-picking

Knob locks and lever-handle locks can be easily overpowered by applying force. Deadbolt locks are the most secure front door locks and most difficult locks to break. Keyless entry pads are electronically operated deadbolts that use a numbered keypad rather than a key. They require a code to slide the deadbolt open and are very secure.

Improve Your Home security with Locks

Other important areas of concern when considering your locks are the windows. Window locks will keep burglars away, as one third of all burglaries are committed by a thief entering through back window. You should also make sure that the front and back doors, and their frames, are secure to your home. You can make them more secure with bolts and deadbolts. Adding outdoor lighting and security alarms will also help you deter thieves.

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