Property Crime Alert: Homeowner’s Guide in Securing the Right Defenses

Property Crime Alert: Homeowner’s Guide in Securing the Right Defenses

 The City of West Palm Beach succeeded in implementing innovative transportation and land use planning, significantly reducing crime and revitalizing the downtown, commercial corridors and inner-city neighborhoods. Vis-a-vis the city’s traffic calming efforts, communities have also become an active part in property crime prevention. Separate Places: Crime and Securing in Gated Communities by Edward J. Blakely and Mary Gail Snyder (1998) cited that fear of crime is an influential factor that the private sector’s role in crime prevention and control is booming.

A National Institute of Justice study found that three times as many people now work in the Securing field, from equipment manufacturers to armored car drivers, as are employed by official law enforcement agencies.

Private security outspends public law enforcement by 73 percent and is now clearly the nation’s primary protective resource. Why not join the bandwagon and secure your home, especially your loved ones, like everyone else.

Start Securing with these few important tips!

Don’t be showy. Most homes nowadays are turning to walls and fences around communal residential space that were previously integrated with the larger shared civic space. Gates will serve as your first sturdy lock, while it also gives you real private space to enjoy!

Use plants. Ornamental plants do not only provide your home a fabulous touch but can also be maximized for security use, obstructing public’s view from the essential access areas of the house like doors and windows.

Install Alarms. First entry breach can be helped with a good alarm system. Noise scare intruders away, keep it hidden, so that they will have to spend extra more minutes searching to cut it off, the longer the delay, the less chances that they would pursue the burglary.

Get security check. Ask your local police to come by and check your property. They can provide you the closest probable security risks based on the actual property crime cases they handled. Experience after all is the best teacher and they have it.

Don’t be frugal in your locks. Invest in sturdy door and window locks. Your local A1 Locksmith can help you find the strongest, best locks for your home. Give us a call!

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