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Get an Idea of Locksmith Costs for Various Services

Locksmiths provide a very valuable service. They replace your worn-out locks with more secure ones, change the locks for security reasons, and help you out when you are locked out of your home or car. Having an idea of locksmith costs will ensure that you are charged fairly and not swindled when caught in an emergency. This is very important as recently there has been a spurt in locksmith scams caused by fraudulent locksmiths. These fraudsters have badly tarnished the image of the locksmith industry because:

  • They don’t have any professional training and license.
  • They claim to be local but are not local at all.
  • They threaten people into paying exaggerated charges.

Factors That Influence the Cost of a Locksmith

  1. Kind of Service-. Opening a locked door of the home/car, key duplication, replacing defective locks, installing surveillance systems etc. are some common locksmith services. Some services might require more time, skill and effort on the part of a locksmith while others may demand less. So it makes sense that a locksmith will charge depending upon the level of difficulty a task poses to him or her.
  2. Availability of the Locksmith- Some locksmith companies provide 24 hour services with their technicians available around the clock. They also have an emergency mobile workshop. The cost of a locksmith also depends upon whether a technician is available at the time or not.
  3. Complexity of the Lock- Some locks are very difficult to operate while others may be easier. Deadbolt locks are a challenge to service while electronic locks need a code or fingerprint to open. So a locksmith will charge you depending on how complex is a lock to service.

Locksmith Costs in the United States

Locksmith costs in the Maricopa County in United States are as follows:

  • Labor for repairs during regular business hours -$95
  • Labor for repairs after hour service work -$117
  • Labor for repairs during weekend service works- $117
  • Labor for repairs for holiday service work- $138
  • Charges for any additional service outside the scope of work- $95

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