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Best Way to Avoid Getting Swindled by a Fake Locksmith: Choose One Now

Be Prepared for the Day You’ll Need a Locksmith

Swindlers have entered every profession today and the locksmith industry is no exception. The fraudsters posing as locksmiths cheat people in need, leaving them with a harrowing experience and tarnishing the image of the industry. The most common scams perpetrated by these fake locksmiths are:

  • Bait and switch: They offer you one service or price initially and then end up charging you something else entirely.
  • Forceful entry: Because they aren’t an authentic locksmith, they use brute force or inappropriate tools to enter your home or car. This typically causes damage and then they actually demand you pay for the service.
  • Evading estimates: These characters count on the fact that you aren’t in a position to shop around and find another locksmith so they avoid giving you a concrete estimate for the job and then charge excessively after the work is done.

In order to avoid getting scammed by fake locksmiths, you must prepare yourself well in advance before you actually need a locksmith. It doesn’t take much effort to gain some knowledge and research how to find a reliable locksmith.

6 Tips on Researching Locksmiths

Here are some tips on how to get educated about locksmiths before your emergency.

  1. Do Some Research- Before you need one, do some research on how to find a trustworthy locksmith. Ensure that the person you choose serves you honestly and charges reasonably. Beware of fraudsters ready to con you, make unauthorized key duplicates, and otherwise steal from you. Use the Associated Locksmiths of America, Inc (ALOA) website to find qualified locksmiths. This internationally recognized trade association certifies locksmiths in accordance with international standards and instills professionalism and proficiency in their members. So when you choose an ALOA qualified locksmith, you know they’ve been professionally vetted. Make a list of potential locksmith companies for further research.
  2. Refer to the Better Business Bureau- Take that list and look up the locksmith companies on the Better Business Bureau website. Check out how long the company has been in business and if they’ve had any complaints lodged against them.
  3. Get Some References- Before you ever need a locksmith, get some references about the locksmiths in your area. Call those references. Find out from a customer how this locksmith does business. Are they reliable? Do they charge what they quote? Has the customer had any problems? How did the company deal with those problems? Having this information will help you narrow down your list to the locksmith company or individual locksmith that you feel you can trust.
  4. Inquire about the Business Hours- When you contact a locksmith for the first time, ask about the business hours and any fees they charge for services outside business hours. Typically, locksmiths charge extra for the convenience of off-hour service. Later on, when you need their service, you can call them during business hours or choose to call during off-hour times with the knowledge of what to expect.
  5. Choose a Local Locksmith- Before you zero in on a locksmith, make sure the company is a local one in your area. Generally speaking, companies that operate from the same area as the customer have proven to be more reliable and honest over the years. The larger companies that cover more terrain tend to be more vulnerable to engaging locksmith scammers and either wittingly or unwittingly promoting locksmith fraud.
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