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Are Sliding Door Locks for Homes Effective?

Why are sliding glass doors so popular? They are a cost efficient way to provide a large window and door in one go. They can add beauty and style to a home. They also let in abundant natural light. This makes them ideal back doors. That secluded location and their simplistic design make them vulnerable. Sliding glass doors are popular with burglars, too. Twenty-two percent of break-ins take place via back doors.

Why Sliding Doors are Easy Targets for Break-ins?

  • Homeowners often forget to lock them.
  • Weak locks are easily overpowered by burglars.
  • Sliding doors are quiet as they move back and forth on a track.
  • Clear visibility of the house, through the sliding glass door, allows the burglars to scope out the valuables before entry.
  • No one notices the burglars attempting break-in on the back door.
  • Glass can break when burglars apply some force.

What Are the Types of Sliding Door Locks and How Do They Work?

1.    Sliding Door Lock/Alarm. This device comes with a security bar that protests both entry and exit. It can cover a fully closed door or a slightly ajar door for ventilation. It has an optional alarm that warns you if somebody tries to push open the door from the outside.

2.    Charley Bar. It works for both sliding doors and windows. When the bar is in it’s locked or down position, it crams a sliding door or window shut. When the bar is in open or up position, the sliding door or window can be moved.

3.    Pin Lock. Pin lock is a small barrel bolt that rises on the floor against the interior of the sliding glass door frame. A thumb turn inserts the barrel or pin into a hole that you drill into the bottom of the center upright of the door frame.

4.    Automatic Sliding-Door Closures. For the tech-minded (or absent minded) you can install an automatic sliding door system. Features include:

  • Ease of installation.
  • No need for batteries or electricity.
  • A “hold-open” switch and flexible speed control to help prevent the door from slamming shut.

Many of these options do not address all the features that make a sliding glass rear door a favorite entry point for intruders. A similar open feel with a much better security system and locking mechanism can be obtained with French doors.

We recommend if cost or style prevents you from replacing your sliding doors, that you use one of the lock options listed above. And, limit visibility from the outside in. No need to tempt burglars with a clear shot of your home theater.

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