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5 Locksmith Secrets to Low-Cost High-Security Reinforcement Revealed

Scaling up your home security features doesn’t have to be expensive! You don’t need to have the most popular or high-end locksmith tools. Just be sure to strike a balance between the kinds of locks you need and their quality.

What do you need?


Bring on a good quality steel deadbolt to defer lock picking tools.Deadbolts have an intricately designed cylinder that only opens to the right key.

Choose one with a longer bolt, at least one-inch extension into the door frame. It may take longer to install but it’s very effective in preventing crowbars or other prying tools, and don’t forget to secure one with a good cylinder guard to cap it all. Tapered or free-spinning cylinders are much harder to remove with a wrench.

Screws, Bolts and Hinges

Next in the line that good locksmiths often recommend is to reinforce all possible entry points with extra screws and bolts.

First is your doors’ strike plate. Make sure you use longer wood screws, or one kick near the knob will make it easy for prowlers to enter your home.

Make sure door hinges are accessible only from inside your house. However, hinges installed on the outside of the door can be replaced with non-removable pins. Another less expensive option is replacing the middle screw with metal. They can remove the hinges but the door still remains on the frame.

Sliding windows can also be lifted out of the tracks. To prevent this, install screws or bolts on the upper track.

Bars, dowel, broomstick

Add vertical bolts to prevent sliding doors and windows from being forcibly opened using cheap bars like thick dowel or broomstick.


Remember that robbers window shop too, so cover up your home with plants, fences, window blinds or security film. Place thorny bushes strategically near your windows for added security.

Security film likewise makes glass harder to break through, increasing entry time and noise that will bring attention to the bad guy.

Lighting Control

An empty house is an invitation to break in and steal. Make it appear as though someone is inside with a lighting control; lights can go on and off, interchangeably, as scheduled.

On average, it only takes burglars 60 seconds to break in, so take extra measures. Visit our blog and secure your home better by consulting A-1 Locksmith of the Palm Beaches, Inc.