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Prevent Burglary: A Locksmith’s Advice to Reinforce Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding doors are a common option for residential back doors. The perfect scenario for would-be burglars. When looking at a sliding door purchase, choose one with enhanced security features – security features that will make the door more difficult to unlock, force slide, untrack, or break the glass.

For existing doors, there are two things expert locksmiths recommend you secure: prevent the doors from being lifted and improve the locking system.

Use added bolts or bars

Sliding glass doors can be moved out of its frame easily without added bolts or locks, such as, square bolts, latches, key operated locks, or deadbolt locks secured right to the door frame. A Charley bar can also be installed. It folds down from the side securely across the solid glass panel and prevents forced sliding.

Grab a dowel

A simple round stick that fits just right into the track can also do the trick. Make sure it is only a half inch shorter than the track and just thin enough to slide into the track. If the dowel’s circumference is roughly the same as a broom stick handle, it should be perfect.

Shatter Alarm

Invest in a home alarm system. Homes without security alarms are 300% more likely to be targeted. Most thieves break into your home in matter of seconds. Twenty-two percent of the time, they enter through the back door. A clearly marked shatter alarm should be enough deterrent to prevent the thief. The alarm will go off at the sound of breaking glass in and response to the vibration of the glass when it is struck, further prompting the would-be thief to leave the property.

Install a Security Sensor or Alarm

This option works the same as the shatter alarm, only it will also let you or your security company immediately know if the door has been compromised. Make sure you have the security system clearly marked so the would-be thief moves on to easier targets.

Sheet Metal Screws or Washers

These are small, yet they prevent intruders from lifting the doors out of the frame easily by acting as stopper. Be sure that you install them smoothly to the glass frame without obstructing it as it slides back and forth.

Change Locks

Sliding glass door latches are often weak, but you can replace the original hook-like latch with heavy duty security locks specifically designed for sliding doors. They are usually double-bolted and more difficult to tamper with.

Invest In Laminated Glass

You can opt for polycarbonate proofing of your glass panels. This is difficult to cut with a knife and is the toughest glazing available.

Simple security solutions will deter most burglars. They want to get in and out easily. Consult with your local locksmith, and call (561) 964-6114 to make sure your home is secured.