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5 Door Hardware Items No One Thinks of Until There is a Problem

We don’t spend much time thinking about the maintenance of our doors and door hardware.  However,  we encourage you to spend some time on the security and safety of your home. First, clean the door and hardware.  When cleaning door hardware, use a very mild soap and/or just water. The finish on the lock is fragile and will last for years if not exposed to harsh chemicals.  Once or twice a year it is a good idea to lubricate your locks. Use a dry lubricant such as Teflon or...

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Do These 12 Steps Before Calling a Locksmith in Florida!

Do These 12 Steps Before Calling a Locksmith in Florida! Finding a quality locksmith appears easy, but be cautious. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) consumer information pointed out 12 points for basic and advanced locksmith services. Get Referrals –Ask for recommendations from family and friends.  It is hard to find qualified and reliable locksmiths; address books are plagued with out of town and possibly unqualified locksmiths using different names. Ensure they are Local –Ensure that the company you hire is based in Florida....

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