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Do you know where your home is vulnerable to burglary?

Do you know where your home is vulnerable to burglary? It ishelpful to look at your house and property the way a burglar sees them. House burglars are mostly opportunistic thieves. They do not plan to hit every house on the street. They look for the best opportunity. When they look at your property, they assess two things:1) how easy it would be to get inside, and 2) how likely it is that it will be profitable. Homeowners often unwittingly leave clues to potential burglars about these two areas that invite them to break-in to their house. Use this...

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Clear Up Your Doubts About Deadbolts

Your home means the world to you and you will always choose the best possible option to secure it. Experts say deadbolt locks rank highly on security, but before you decide to install them in your home, get the facts. How do Deadbolts Differ from Spring Latch Locks? Intruders can overpower spring latch locks with a credit card, knife, or a key. However, deadbolt locks are not spring loaded. They can only be opened by turning the bolt in the lock, offering better security. What Types of...

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