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Security of Your Business 101: Here’s What to Look for When Securing Locksmith Business Services.

If you have a business, you will need locksmith business services. Let us demystify finding a reliable locksmith for you. It is not complicated and just involves some common sense. Here are the things you should do, in order:

Ask for Recommendations

Your neighbor businesses to the left, right, and across the street can provide you with the name of the locksmith they use. If you get a recommendation, check their address to make sure they are local. This is important.

Call the Business

When you call the locksmith, do they answer with something generic? They should answer the phone professionally with a specific business name, not “locksmith”. Be wary, if they can’t do better than that. Do a quick internet search with the company name plus “review”. Sometimes your call could be spoofed to a call center that is anything but local. The call center then “dispatches” someone to your location.

Request an Estimate

Tell the locksmith what services you need. Ask them for an estimate before you have them come to your business. Tell them to include the cost for replacement parts, labor and any fees, like mileage, night calls, etc. A reputable locksmith can do this over the phone. Ask them to bring a written copy of the estimate when they come. Beware of a low estimate followed by unexpectedly high labor or mileage costs or insisting on cash payment.

Check Credentials

Do this when the locksmith arrives. Ask for their business card or identification. This should match the vehicle they are driving and the invoice they give you. They will check your ID so they know you belong to the building they will be working on. Also check that they have insurance. This will cover you in case something goes wrong. Ask for the written estimate you requested or have them write one before they begin. If you are given authorization papers to sign, read them.

Surprise Expense?

If the locksmith claims the lock cannot be picked and must be drilled out and replaced with a new lock, suspect a scam. A well trained and equipped locksmith should be able to open any door. Consider hiring someone else.

Find someone local

Some locksmiths will have mileage as a component of their billing. Also, if you need them in an emergency, you want them to arrive quickly.

If your business is in West Palm Beach, feel free to reach out to us to see how we might be able to assist you.


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